Tarnea iPlaza : Digital channel for selling through Independent Pharmacies.

Do you find traditional distribution cumbersome, slow, and ineffective? Is your brand losing out on Large E-Commerce platforms?

Think Small to Grow Big!

Join Tarnea iPlaza and sell your products through thousands of pharmacies and reach out to millions of end customers.

Sell your products through thousands of Pharmacies to millions of end-customers

On Tarnea iPlaza, your product receives better targeting for customers with specific wellness or healthcare needs. Pharmacists act as influencers to promote your products. There are immense opportunities to benefit from enhanced visibility and placement, both digitally and on the shelves.

Expand Your Reach Fast

You can list your product / service catalogues on Tarnea iPlaza, and all these retailers will be able to connect with you.

Powering Pharmacy Networks

Tarnea iPlaza has thousands of pharmacy retailers transacting with over 2.4 million end-customers across 92 locations.

Boost Sales & Drive Engagement

We will run active promotions for your products with these retailers, and help in retailer acqusition so that you do not have to.

Seamless Onboarding

The retailers will be able to see your terms and conditions and signup to be your sales partners.

Direct Order Placement

Retailers will have the capability to place orders directly with you through our platform.

Complete Digital Sales Management

Run your entire sales operations remotely, from anywhere, with our fully digital platform.

Sell through the Largest Chain of Pharmacies

Tarnea iPlaza is revolutionizing the way pharmacies operate, connecting them with a network of active retailers and serving 2.4 million end customers across 150+ cities throughout India. With over 15 million ad impressions, Tarnea iPlaza is the go-to platform to streamline operations, expand reach, boost sales, and drive engagement.


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Why Tarnea iPlaza?

By joining Tarnea iPlaza, you become part of a dynamic ecosystem that empowers pharmacies to deliver better healthcare services. Experience the future of pharmaceutical distribution with our innovative solutions and comprehensive support.

Some of the brands on Tarnea iPlaza

Getting started is easy!

  1. Register and upload your product catalogue.

  2. Create your Promotional Campaign to enroll Retailers.

  3. Start Receiving Orders

What the world says about us?

The Indus Entrepreneurs

The Indian Entrepreneurs (TiE) Selected Tarnea Technology Among the top 12 startups at the prestigious event pitchfest 2012

IIM Bangalore

Tarnea has been the subject of a case study by The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, which is one of the most prestigious B-schools in India

Harvard Business Review

Tarnea is a Microsoft Accelerator company selected into Microsoft's accelerators program from over 2000 startups across the world

The case study on Tarnea, published by Harvard Business Review, examines the innovative approach taken by Tarnea in the Indian pharma retail industry


Frequently asked questions

What is Tarnea iPlaza and how does it benefit my Brand?

Tarnea iPlaza is a comprehensive digital platform that connects pharmaceutical brands with thousands of retail pharmacies. By listing your products on Tarnea iPlaza, you can expand your reach, streamline the distribution process, and directly engage with a vast network of pharmacies, enhancing your sales and brand visibility.

How does Tarnea iPlaza facilitate order management and fulfillment?

Our platform streamlines the order management process by allowing pharmacies to place orders directly with your brand. You can manage these orders through our digital interface, track their status, and ensure timely fulfillment. This reduces manual errors and enhances operational efficiency.

How can I list my products on Tarnea iPlaza?

Listing your products on Tarnea iPlaza is simple. You can sign up for an account, upload your product catalog, and set your terms and conditions. Once approved, your products will be visible to our extensive network of retail pharmacies, allowing them to place orders directly with you.

Is there any customer support available for brands on Tarnea iPlaza?

Yes, Tarnea iPlaza provides dedicated customer support for brands. Our support team is available to assist you with any queries, technical issues, or onboarding processes. We ensure a seamless experience for our brand partners, helping you make the most of our platform.

What kind of promotions and marketing support does Tarnea iPlaza offer?

Tarnea iPlaza provides active promotional support for your products. We run targeted promotions through various digital channels, including social media and WhatsApp Marketing, to boost your brand’s visibility. Additionally, we help in retailer acquisition to ensure a broader reach for your products.

Can I run exclusive promotions or discounts on Tarnea iPlaza?

Absolutely. You can create and manage exclusive promotions or discounts for your products directly through the platform. These promotions can help attract more pharmacies to your products and increase your sales.

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